Giant Pumpkins

Every year we grow and sell a range of giant fruit & vegetables, including; Pumpkins, Gourds, Squash & Marrows.

Regular, Large & Giant Pumpkins are typically available from the beginning of October, subject to availability.

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Our Keys to Success


We Cross-Breed our pumpkins with the top performers every year, focusing on Size & Colour. We source seed from around the World & our own genetics to improve every time.


Our season begins in January each year with preparation of the ground. The seeds are sown from April onwards. Therafter, many hours of tending and nurturing are required to keep the plants healthy until harvesting in October.

Food & Water

We use a specialised mix of fertiliser to maximise size and colour. This varies throughout the year depending on the needs of the plants. Our pumpkins are watered automatically to unsure optimum conditions

Ideal for Instant Impact

Giant Pumpkins are a unique & effective marketing tool for your Brand or Business. Use for the centrepiece at events or digital marketing. Enquire using the form below:

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